Connecting technologists and community experts to Reboot America


Reboot America is a civic tech lab committed to creating equality, opportunity, and solutions for all Americans.


Reboot Weekends

Hackathons, unconferences, and workshops focusing on community engagement while building civic solutions and prototypes with local change-makers and advocates.


R & D

High-quality research conducted in partnership with universities, think-tanks and research groups that shapes our public safety proposals, solutions, and development.

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Public Education

Knowledge is power and we aim to share everything we know and learn.


Community Partner

Reboot America serves as a hub for community engagement. We live at the intersection of advocacy, education, government and technology and support for people working towards equitable societies.


Together, we can Reboot America.

Through partnerships with local advocacy organizations, changemakers, companies and governments, Reboot America brings together experts from intersecting disciplines to power the future of co-created, community support

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Dedicated to equitable communities.

We're stronger together than alone.

We call to action technologists local to the communities we work in.

We connect them with our partner advocacy organizations & research institutions. 

We build, prototype, and push to market community solutions with people in need.

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