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Reboot America is always looking for brilliant minds to join our team, support new projects, and build together. Interested?


Researchers + Scholars
We conduct our research in partnership with universities, think-tanks, independent thinkers, and research groups to shape our public safety proposals, solutions, and development. 

We invite technologists from all backgrounds to join a Reboot project, weekend, or the team for a residency and help create tech-based civic solutions for all Americans.

Looking to support your community, make new friends, contribute to progress, and feel good while doing it? Reboot America is always in need of helping hands and diverse perspectives to help create the world we all know can exist.


Senior Leadership


Angelica Coleman
Founder and CEO

Angie is a tech aficionado who loves building community and bringing people together. With a background in history and coming from tech giants Dropbox and Zendesk, she is always looking for ways to use tech to further social good and solve societal issues. She's been featured in magazines alongside Michelle Obama, Ava Duvernay, Maxine Waters, Alicia Garza, and more. Angie dreams of one day being recognized for her greatness unattached to her Blackness.


Kyle Borland
Executive Strategist

Kyle is an experienced strategist and business development professional within cannabis, cities and social justice. A skilled communicator, his strong writing and networking skills make him a formidable partner whether the goal is launching new brands and organizations, securing media coverage, navigating new legislation, activating communities or conquering a new challenge altogether.


Jared Helton
Art Director

Jared is a design guru and leads the team's creative process. From brand development to logo creation to messaging, Jared's passion for civil rights and social justice comes through his work to effectively communicate our missions.


Board of Advisors


Elissa Shevinsky

Serial Entrepreneur. Startup Person. Named "Woman of the Decade" by my alma mater Williams College, for pioneering work as a woman in technology. Editor of Lean Out. Founder and organizer of SecretCon. CTO and co-founder of Glimpse Labs.


Erica McWhorter
HomeBase, The Center for Common Concerns

Erica McWhorter is an attorney-adviser and analyst with a background rich in social advocacy and strategic planning. Most recently, Erica worked as Deputy General Counsel for a nonprofit dedicated to innovative and community oriented prosecution and criminal justice reform strategies and programs. Previously, Erica worked in Baltimore, Maryland as an Assistant Public Defender handling a variety of criminal and quasi-criminal cases. In addition to her litigation experience, Erica has worked as an analyst performing research, complex analysis and assessments, strategic planning, drafting, and public speaking for a variety of audiences. She has also practiced independently as a legal and strategic adviser, board member, and grant and policy writer for a growing clientele of nonprofit organizations.